Thursday, April 10, 2014

Meet the Mom behind this blog

I am starting this personal blog to express my opinions, beliefs, and to share all of my amazing experiences and at the same time cry out for help.  That being said,  please note that any of the topics you read in here does not come from an expert.  I can only share with my readers what I know and what worked for me.  I believe that everyone should follow their own instincts as a parent and find out what works for them.

My name is Kim and I am a mom of 4 to 2 beautiful girls and to 2 handsome identical twin boys.  I was born in the Philippines but raised in Canada at a young age.  I am married to a Canadian born Latino man of a Guatemalan descent. My life is a product of a beautiful interracial marriage.  My children are  therefore (half Guatemaltecos and half Filipinos).  

My blogs will consist of many topics.  Topics of which are all about learning and growing as a person both physically and mentally.   I will incorporate my thoughts about love and my faith with God.  I will also share a few good laughs when it comes to my perfect imperfections.  

My objective is to share and to inspire.  To live life day by day and find strength to breath and enjoy what life has to offer.  To learn and grow physically and mentally in the eyes of our innocent children and in the eyes of our "wiser" parents.  To laugh every moment at every chance you get.  But most of all to love unconditionally with no regrets.

As I always remind my children " Sharing is caring - carebears".  Embark with me on a journey to living, learning, laughing and loving.  Enjoy my blogs.